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Departures: Do I have to let go? Group

When people that we love die, we are left with the overwhelming pain that their physical absence has left in our lives. Often we are encouraged to find closure, move on, or let go as a way to deal with our grief. But for many of us, we don’t want to let go. We continue to love them. They fill our thoughts, while at the same time we try to keep them from our attention and our daily lives; believing it is unhealthy, abnormal or too painful to dwell on them.

But what if we didn’t have to let go?

“Death is an end of a life, not a relationship”

In this group, we want to explore the ways your relationship with your loved one can continue. We suggest that by nurturing your relationship with the one who has died you may find ways to keep this person alive in your heart. Nothing can erase the pain of your loss. But we hope to explore the joy and comfort that can be found through keeping this person close instead of having to say good-bye.

During this eight-week group meeting, together we will share what it means to grieve the death of a loved one but also what it means to keep your relationship alive. We will share our grief with others that can relate, and discover ways we can and already do maintain our loved ones close.

We are committed to creating a safe place for you to explore your loss, share your experiences and contemplate the bond of connection.

Our hope is to run this group four times a year.