Margotte Kaczanowska | Psychotherapist | M.A., S.T.S.R.,  RSW, Member of OACCPP

This website wishes to contribute to Narrative Therapy practices with articles and information in English and in Polish

Problems and Relationships With Them

You are not the problem.

The person is never the problem.

The problem is the problem.

Your relationship with the problem can be problematic.

I provide assistance to individuals, couples, families and groups who are interested in changing their relationships with problems and concerns.

Individual can be preoccupied with:                                                        

Couple might pay attention to or be concentrated on:                       

Family can encounter:                                                           

... and many more

We relate.
We create relationships.
Many of them are formed with people.
Some of them are shaped with the outside world – animals, nature, moon, universe…


Some of them are created with problems/issues/concerns. Relationships we form with problems/issues/concerns can be:

…just to name some of them. These relationships can also embrace any space in between these contradictions.

I journey with people interested in embracing growth around their sense of well-being and in the areas of balance, creativity, awareness, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation. I strongly believe that the therapeutic approach should be tailored individually as every person who consults with me is unique.