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Forthcoming Workshop

BON 2010 Workshop: Stories Well Beyond the Grave

On October 20th 2010 my colleague William Cooke and I presented a full-day pre-conference workshop as part of Bereavement Ontario Network's 20th annual provincial conference. Forty four participants attended this workshop which took place at the gorgeous grounds of Geneva Park ninety minutes north of Toronto. 

Stories Well Beyond the Grave:  Narrative Therapy and Grief Work introduced participants to the maps of Narrative Therapy practice which are most relevant to helping those who mourn.  We paid particular attention to Remembering Practices which address the ongoing relationship we have with loved ones who have died.  According to William, "the majority of grief counselling models focus on helping us to say ‘goodbye’ to our loved ones, so that we can get on with our lives. While this is clearly important, the other equally important task we face is how to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with those loved ones.  Narrative practices have made a real contribution in helping us to say hello as well as goodbye."

Workshop Description

In the morning, William and I provided an overview to Narrative Therapy and Grief Work and  highlighted the contributions of Michael White ("Saying Hullo Again") and Lorraine Hedke and John Winslade (Remembering Lives: Conversations with the Dying and Bereaved).  After lunch we invited participants of the workshop to witnessing a live interview that demonstrated the practices introduced in the morning and allowed some of them to take part as Outsider Witnesses.  The workshop concluded at 4:00pm but participants were welcomed to stay and enjoy the hospitality of Geneva Park until 6:00pm when the main BON conference began.